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Copy of 10 Ways to Improve Your Child's Remote Learning Performance/Experience

1. Get an electronic or paper planner for your child.

2. Ask them to have it open during remote class and to immediately write down assignments, and quiz/test dates when given.

3. Create an area in the house for school (quiet, reduce distractions, ensure focus) NOTE: Only ONE electronic device open at a time! I.E. No cell phone, texting, etc. during class time.

4. Review your son’s/daughter’s day (when school ends) and go over assignments.

5. Make sure your son/daughter completes his or her homework during the day (before they get play/relax time). Studies show it takes far less time to complete assignment while the sun is up vs. when the evening.

6. Get your son/daughter into a stable, positive routine. Start by pretending they are going to school each day.

a. Get up well in advance of his or her first class

b. Have breakfast

c. Shower

d. Get dressed

e. Get on-line at least 10 minutes before the start of each class

f. Have lunch

7. Contact other parents and see if you can form a small study group. (Studies show they are more likely to get their homework done on-time when working with other students.

8. Think up rewards for your children. Find out what rewards (reasonable) they value. Cut up paper and put these written rewards in a bowl. NOTE: Some of these rewards can be words of affirmation.

9. At the end of the day, review your child’s day and see if a reward is due.

10. As a parent, constantly review their electronic grading system (i.e., Parent Portal) to make sure progress meets the agreed upon expectations.

Since many schools are starting a new semester in January, try these from the start and let me know what happents. Contact me if you have any questions or I can be of any help.

Best of Luck in 2021 and Stay Safe!

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