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This four-hour Zoom class will show you how to strategically and analytically allocate your time and energy so you can think ahead, improve your daily and weekly results, and develop your team.

You will learn how to take control of your day, develop your team, and lead by example. If you are drowning in a sea of meetings, emails, interruptions, reports, and short-term immediate demands, this book is for you. if you find your daily results don't match your effort or find yourself working late which adversely affects your personal life and ultimately productivity, then this book for you. Would you like to become a "Master Blender?"


This is the only course of its kind that also improves a leader’s:


  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Ability to Influence

  • Ability to Coach and Mentor

  • Communication Skills

  • Analytical Decision-Making Skills & Strategic Thinking

  • Ability to be a Leader of Change


This class is the best of the best and is based on 25 years of research and 20 years of leadership experience in Corporate America. These are "fresh" tips, tools, ideas, and strategies for 2021. Ken Zeigler is considered the top expert in this field. Included with your purchase are the valuable handouts below:


  • Master List Template (to create your own "customized" Master List)
  • Timekeeping Journal (to track your time for a week)
  • Distraction (Interruption) Log
  • Productivity Improvement Checklist
  • Project Planning Worksheet (to save time planning & finsihing on-time)


Below is the Table of Contents included in this four-hour class:


  • Module 1 Developing a Single Effective Master List
  • Module 2 Organizing a More Effective Day/Week
  • Module 3 Taking Control of Your Day
  • Module 4 Prioritizing and Giving Others Your Priorities
  • Module 5 Organizing, Controlling, & Managing Email
  • Module 6 Organizing Your Writing for Faster Results
  • Module 7 Recognizing and Managing Procrastination
  • Module 8 Delegating Effectively to Empower Others
  • Module 9 Planning & Executing an Effective Meeting
  • Your Productivity Improvement Action Plan


NOTE: As a limited-time bonus, you will be able to email your questions about applying these tips, tools, ideas, and strategies directly to me and get application-based answers at no charge for 14-days!

Organizing for Success 3.0, for Leaders

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