Organizing for Success 3.0 (2021 Version)


This four-hour virtual class shows participants more than 300 ways they can save more than 2 hours a day by planning and organizing a more effective day and week.  There are over 300 tips, tools, ideas, and strategies for 2021. This course has out-performed (in direct conparision) such courses as 7 Habits and Getting Things Done.


Increased effectiveness is achieved through improved strategic/analytical thought, better planning, reduction of distractions (improved focus), more specific communication, better questions, reduced procrastination, reduced stress, more accurate prioritization, and improved utilization of Outlook (email).


  • Master List Template (to create your own "customized" Master List
  • Timekeeping Journal (to track your time for a week)
  • Distraction (Interruption) Log
  • Productivity Improvement Checklist
  • Productivity/Effectiveness Improvement Action Plan


Below is the Table of Contents included in this book:


  • Module 1 Developing a Single Effective Master List
  • Module 2 Organizing a More Effective Day/Week
  • Module 3 Managing and Controling Interruptions, Injects, and Distractions
  • Module 4 Prioritizing and Motivating Others with Your Priorities
  • Module 5 Organizing, Controlling, & Managing Email (Outlook)
  • Module 6 Organizing Your Writing for Faster Results (The PADD Writing Model)
  • Module 7 Recognizing and Overcoming Procrastination
  • Identifying Your Productivity and Effectiveness Improvement Action Plan


NOTE: As a limited-time bonus, you will be able to email your questions about applying these tips, tools, ideas, and strategies directly to me and get application-based answers at no charge for 14-days!

Ken Zeigler


Organizing For Success 3.0 -Four-Hour Zoom Class