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                      Would you like to gain more productivity and work/life balance?


This highly effective three-hour virtual program produces immediate and lasting productivity gains of up to two hours a day. This short program is based on 26 years of reasearch, offers application-based solutions that work, and features live coaching with the author, Kenneth Zeigler.


Reaseach show the five areas that produce those gains are:


  1. Creating a More Effective, Customized Paper or Electronic Master List
  2. Planning and Organizing a More Effective Day and Week (Saving up to 2 Hours a day)
  3. Managing and Controlling Interruptions and Distractions (so you can accomplish more)
  4. The Secret to Prioritizing More Accurately in Less Time
  5. Managing, Organizing, and Controlling Outlook




  • Digital book
  • Digital handouts (Timekeeping and Intrupption Journals, plus Master List Template)
  • Application-based activities in each module to increase your immediate success.


The cost is only $100 per person and can be schedule for one up to one hundred participants. Get help from the most experienced expert in the field of productivity.

Organizing For Success 4.0 - Four-Hour Zoom or In-Person Program

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