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Would you like to save TWO HOURS A DAY? This one-hour video will offer more than 30 tips, tools, ideas, and strategies that will not only make you more productive but also increase your effectiveness. This module will show you ways you can have more strategic thinking throughout your day to increase the number of (important) tasks you can complete daily in less time. In this module you'll learn:


  • Three key times each day that will increase your productivity
  • How to get off to a faster start each day (and make the afternoon easier)
  • How to use the "Veggie" Principle to your advantage
  • How to not just start more tasks BUT how to become a great finisher
  • How to creaste mental seperation between work and home
  • How to utilize the 50/10 Rule
  • Why focusing on one thing at a time will actually make you more effective
  • How to reduce the amount of time you spend in email and meetings
  • How to use the end of the day to organize and plan a more effective tomorrow
  • How to plan and organize a more effective week

Planning & Organizing a More Effective Day and Week

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