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More effective writing saves time, eliminates questions and misunderstandings, can gets faster results.

Maximize Your


[Save Time & Improve Your Results]

Course Overview

There is more competition for your reader’s attention than ever before. Corporate America is awash with email. This fun, popular writing class taught by Ken Zeigler (author of the best seller Organizing for Success) teaches participants how to get more done in less time with their writing. You’ll impress others with your ability to get to the point quickly, clearly with fewer words! If you’re tired of waiting for responses to your writing, this class is for you! Participants are amazed at how quickly their e-mails, proposals, and reports are responded to and the compliments they receive after taking this course. This four or eight hour class is fun and easy to complete.

What You Will Learn

At the close of this program you will be able to:

  • Clearly define the your desired outcome before you start writing

  • Understand what questions the typical reader wants answered quickly

  • Use our simple PADD model to format and organize all of your writing

  • Use your subject line to attract your reader to open your email immediately

  • Get to the point more quickly using fewer, more specific words

  • Use your first paragraph to tell the reader what you want immediately

  • Use specific deadlines and importance to get your reader to take action immediately

  • Use bullets, numbers, bold, and headings to make your ideas stand out

  • Use simple words and short sentences to make fewer grammar mistakes

  • Use short paragraphs so your e-mail or writing is easier to read

  • Develop a tone that is conversational and encourages cooperation

  • Write more concisely using a cooperative tone

  • Take less time to write with better, faster results

Who Should Attend

This program is for everyone who wants to save time writing, get their point across concisely, with the right tone, so they get their desired outcome faster.

For class sign up or more information feel free to either call us @ 1-800-835-6839 , fill in the contact fields below, or email directly at


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