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Learning From Any Device, Anytime

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Due to the requests for training on demand, the time is now to offer typical classroom training in half-day or shorter, effective Zoom and virtual learning segments. 


Leaders, sales professionals, and individual contributors are clamoring new ideas on how to work more effectively remotely. They have the time during the day and/or evening to watch and participate in an engaging, virtual class. Don’t cut training, give your leaders and employees the skills and tools they need (and want.)


Our programs are cost-effective, engaging, and application-based. That way, the results are immediate, stress is reduced, and engagement increased.


Our virtual learning is available in 1-4 hour webinars (lunch and learn) or short five-minute micro-learning videos. You can choose any one of the 48 programs we currently offer. The webinars are “customized” to your audience (at no additional charge.)

Why choose Zeigler Training for Your On-line Training?

The Micro-Learning Video below was produced 22 years ago with the help of the Tennessee Tech Distant Learning Team. We were 22 years ahead of everyone else! Click on the picture below to watch a 7-minute micro-learning video example.

Organizing for Success Virtual Program


Zeigler Training has always been focused on creating an interactive and engaging learning environment.  As an industry leader we originally developed this micro-learning program with Tennessee Tech University in 2002 as part of the distant learning program they were developing for the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech.


Now we offer Organizing for Success in 5 short micro-learning video sessions.  These are perfect for leaders, sales professionals, and individual contributors who don’t have the time to attend longer learning sessions.


Our first advantage over other companies is the cost.  We offer you the option to pay a very reasonable annual fee "Site License" which gives your leaders and front-line employees unlimited access to this program for one year. This program can also be loaded onto your LMS platform. They can access these short, hard-hitting videos via computer, iPad, or smartphone. These videos blend the humor and ability to relate to the material with cutting edge tips, tools, and strategies that have an immediate impact. As a result, the completion rate for this video series far exceeds the eLearning industry results (98% completion ratio.)

Best of all, this annual Site License there is a small one-time fee (so that all of your employees have access to this series.) That reduces the cost to less than $10 per participant!

Our Zoom Programs

With feedback from our participants, we have created a virtual classroom with a customized environment where participants can access our expert to ask questions on the strategies discussed both during and after the class.


We combine real-time desktop sharing with phone conferencing utilizing Cisco’s Webex ™ Event Center platform, Adobe Connect, Zoom, or your preferred platform so learners receive the full benefit of live instruction. These webinars can also be recorded so those who can’t participate live can at least watch at his or her convenience.

Take advantage of our virtual micro-learning or webinars from your desktop or mobile device. Employees and leaders surveyed overwhelmingly prefer shorter videos because of time constraints and competition for their attention.


Participants can access these short, application-based programs via computer, iPad, or smartphone. These programs blend the humor and ability to relate to the material with cutting edge tips, tools, and strategies that have an immediate impact. The completion rate for these programs exceeds 98%.

For more information or questions, either call us @ 1-800-835-6839, text (704) 578-5045, fill in the contact fields below, or email directly at


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