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Brand New -  Organizing for Success 4.0 5 Module Virtual Learning

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Want to Save Two Hours a Day? Take this 5-Part Course - Developing an Effective, Customized Master List and Organizing a
More Effective Day & Week

Have you taken Organizing for Success before? Then take this 5-Part virtual course and renew your commitment to eating your "veggies" and have just one Master List! If you're someone who feels overwhelmed, wants to get; more done in less time, have less stress, and have better work/life balance, this se is for you. Organizing for Success Version 4.0 is finally available! Just click on the link below to get to our virtual platform. The cost will normally be $99 but for the first 30-days you can save $50 ($49). Don't wait another minute because the discount is only available for 30-days.

NOTE: This offer includes:

  • New 2024 Organizing for Success 4.0 book (digital)

  • Timekeeping Journal

  • Master List Template

Use Promo Code:  ZeiglerTraining24



Does your list seem to get longer and longer each day? Are you discouraged at the end of each day because you're not completing everything on the list? Is your list longer at the end of the day? 

Too many lists can be overwhelming. In the first two modules you'll learn to put your tasks on paper or digital device and out of your mind. Once your mind can see everything you need to get done the next three modules will show you how to more effectively get them done. See your productivity soar almost immediately!

What you'll learn in Modules One and Two:

  • The difference between a to-do list and a Master List

  • Why an effective Master List is so important.

  • Why it's so important to immediately write down thoughts, ideas, and tasks to create better focus and concentration.

  • Suggestions for "customizing" your Master List so it does more for you.

  • Why it's so important to only have one list.

  • How to constantly improve the results of your customized Master List

  • Digital alternatives instead of using paper.

  • How to analyze your Master List at the end of the day to create better results tomorrow.

  • How to use your Master List to write a more effective performance review.

  • How to spend less time organizing and get better results

  • How to find information you need faster

What you'll learn in Modules Three thru Five:


  • How to use the three keys each day to get more done in less time

  • How to use the end the day to create mental separation between work and home

  • How to get off to a faster start each day

  • How to get more done in the morning and have an easier afternoon

  • How to defer distractions and interruptions so you can get more of what matters done each day.

  • How to spend less time in meetings and email

  • How to finish (not just start) more tasks each day

  • How to batch ad use your energy cycles to your advantage

  • How to organize a more effective week


What You'll Receive

  • Five-Day Timekeeping Journal

  • The Master List Template

  • Interruption and Distraction Log

  • Productivity Improvement Checklist

  • Certificate of Completion


  • An openness to exploring and trying new ways to organize.

  • A willingness to put in the work to change and transform your work/life balance.

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