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Ken Zeigler is a renowned author and speaker. He has been on the cover of the Investor’s Business Daily and a featured authority on the Fox Business Network. He has had numerous articles published for such newspapers as:


  1. The Washington Post

  2. NY Post

  3. Los Angeles Times

  4. The Chicago Tribune

  5. Martha Stewart’s Living Magazine

  6. Charlotte Observer

  7. Investor's Business Daily


He is considered a pioneer in new time management / organizational theory, productivity, and advanced business management systems due to his more than 20 years of research.


His book, Organizing for Success (McGraw-Hill 2005, reprint 2010) is available in 7 languages (including Spanish), audio book, and is a world-wide best-seller.   

Over the years he has advised such clients as:


  • Samsung

  • AT&T

  • The Federal Reserve

  • Berkshire Hathaway

  • Caterpillar

  • Fidelity Investments

  • State Farm

  • Cintas,

  • USAA

  • Hewlett Packard

  • IBM

  • Exxon

  • Wells Fargo

  • Citibank, as well as over 400 Corporations.


He has become one of the top experts on productivity, organization, work/life balance, stress, business writing, and leadership development.

During his career he has been in senior leadership at such companies as Pillsbury, Hughes, Quaker Oats, Merrill Lynch, and Morgan Stanley. His teaching style of blending humor with information has made him popular on the speaking circuit and in the classroom.


He graduated from the University of Minnesota in with a BS in Business and Marketing. He was also on the Varsity football and baseball team. He has a MA in Advertising with a minor in Finance from the University of Illinois. He and his two sons reside in Conover, NC. (Updated 1/4/24)

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

History of Zeigler Training & Development

Zeigler Learning LLC was incorporated in 1996. We have helped thousands of employees at companies around the world improve their productivity, organizational skills, presentation abilities, writing skills, leadership development, and stress management skills.


Zeigler originally developed the time management course for the Hertz Corporation in early 1997. We were commissioned to interview their employees (and those of our other corporate clients) to develop a course that would immediately help employees more efficiently handle everything that was “bombarding them from all sides every day,” at work and home.  Mr. Zeigler ultimately discovered the missing piece to Franklin’s successful time management course and system. That piece was how to organize a day/week so that you could achieve the goals you identified in their course.  He was also the pioneer of the concept of writing down not just to-do’s but also thoughts, ideas, conversations, and things you didn’t want to forget to reduce that overwhelmed feeling. That concept is called the Master List. Other popular concepts he developed were the ‘veggie principle”, the “Ringmaster”, and the “Group Power Hour” (team productivity improvement).


Since his original book, he has written five more. Mr. Zeigler’s research has become the basis of many new books by well-known authors. Since the original development of the course, we have updated and modified it more than 12 times over the last four years. Our changes are based participant feedback and evaluations. This seminar truly addresses today’s “real-world” productivity and work/life balance issues.

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