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Comments from Participants

I immediately implemented some of the strategies presented which, in the just the first week, have provided a sense of both improved productivity and reduced stress.  Wow – who wouldn’t want that?

I think this was probably one of the most useful trainings for organization I’ve ever taken.  I will be implementing several items you spoke about; number 1 being scheduling time for brain dumps at the end of every day so I can spend more quality time with my family! :)

I learned a lot from your class. I can’t wait to start trying the strategies from your class!

Thank you for our class today. I feel like I will be able to take all my current lists and condense them down to one list for more structure.

I have taken other Time-Management courses in the past, but your approach will really help me to improve how I manage the daily injects that I receive.

I so enjoyed your class last week and have already seen improvements in my planning and organizing.


In a Meeting
Reduce the amount of time you spend in meetings through planning and better execution.

Thank you for your time today!  I learned a lot!

Your class was great! I picked up a lot of wonderful tips.

First, thank you for the great training class. It has only been a week. Yet, I’m already seeing efficiencies but using batching and a master list with 2 tabs—one for work and one for home.

I just want to thank you for the tips and information learned in your training class today. I have seen results already. I got more done by noon then I used to get done all day!

I wanted to let you know that I appreciated the class and your recommendations. I have already implemented the strategies from my Action Plan and wow, what a difference. I enjoy work now.

Your class was great! I picked up a lot of wonderful tips.

I spent several hours over the long weekend putting together a time tracker and working towards keeping my days organized. I didn’t have an idea of how much I was trying to juggle until I saw it all in one place! I’m certainly going to be recommending your class to my team.

The class was awesome!

Great class Ken. I loved the personal touch to everything and sharing what really works for you.

I can’t tell you just how much I learned from the session this morning. For me the two big take-away points were the master list and blocking off the first hour or two of the day for important work. I think those two alone are going to really increase my productivity.

Great training. I’ve already gotten a great start to my morning and knocked out a project that I’d been holding off on and now I feel great and ready to take on the day. 

I would like to thank you for the great information you provided to us yesterday.  The information is not only something that I can use for myself but I think that it will also be helpful to my partners.  Cintas is a very high pace business.  We all need to have a plan to execute our batches of “veggies” so that can have a clear mind to enjoy our time with our families.

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