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Organizing For Sales Proffesionals 2.0

How This Course Is Different:

  1. This course shows a sales professional how to get into a more effective routine daily to maximize his or her results.

  2. How to close each day to create mental separation between work and home, to recharge, and look forward to tomorrow.

  3. How to use the end of each day to access your results and develop a more effective plan for tomorrow.

  4. How to get off to a faster start each day.

  5. Participants learn how to take advantage of their energy cycles.

  6. Participants learn ways to be more disciplined; when to make calls, when to handle service requests, when to respond to emails, and when to organize.

  7. This course shows how to effectively determine urgent requests vs. requests that can be deferred to maximize selling their selling efforts.

  8. How to organize their sales calls and meetings to maximize their results.

  9. Participants learn how to organize their writing to achieve faster, more desirable results. (Improved Communication)

  10. This course is taught by someone with over 30 years of selling experience in a half-day classroom, WebEx, or micro-learning format.)

Course Overview

Today, sales professionals are discovering they are drowning in a sea of meetings, emails, interruptions, reports, and short-term/ immediate demands. They find themselves working late or taking their work home at night which adversely affects their personal life and ultimately productivity. The newest way to improve effectiveness and productivity individually and as a team is improving awareness and analytic thought.

This course shows sales professionals how to more effectively organize a “typical”, chaotic day more effectively so they can generate more quality selling time, effectively handle interruptions/requests/distractions, and be able to set-up the next day, all in the same day.

Sales professionals will learn how to allocate their time and energy so they can think ahead, be in more control of their day, improve their daily and weekly results, and come up with new and innovative ideas for the future, (both individually and as a team.)  Sales professionals learn how to be great today and prepared to be great tomorrow.

Participants will learn how to question and validate everything they are doing, daily and weekly, and to develop new ways to handle a typical overwhelming day. The new course is based on over 22 years of research with sales professionals from more than 400 companies. The results of this course are immediate and lasting.

  • More control over your day and email

  • Reduced activity and improved results

  • Ways to ask better questions and listen more closely

  • How to manage client’s and prospect’s expectations

  • How to carve out time each day to get what matters most done

  • How to have sound reasoning for everything you do daily and when you choose to do it

  • When and how to reflect, assess, and evaluate your results and progress

  • New ways to accomplish what matters most and still have time for email and interruptions

  • How to reduce the number of  urgent requests you get every day

  • How to assess each interruption on its own merit

  • Ways to teach and train your clients and prospects so they are more self-sufficient

  • How to develop a single customized Master List (either electronically or in writing), that will encourage more random thought and assessment of new opportunities to improve.

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