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Would You Spend $100 on a Four-Hour Zoom Class to Save Your Company an Minimum of $8000 Per Year?

According to a recent study of more than 1000 participants who have taken Organizing for Success over the last 25 years, participants percieve they save 2.08 hours a day. Suppose we make that a more conservative estimate of an hour a day. There are 263 working days in 2021 and 2,104 working hours a year (assuming an eight-hour day).

The average cost per employee (including benefits) in the United States is $71,334 per year. If you divide that cost by 2104 working hours per year, the average cost per employee (including benefits is $33.90 per hour. If an employee only saves one hour per day that is $33.90 x 263 days = $8,000.40 per year. If our participants' perception is correct at 2.08 hours saved per day, the savings, per participant is $18,544.66 per year!

You might wonder, how can a course produce results like that? This course:

  1. Is based on 25 years of research and classroom instruction

  2. Focuses on improving analytical and strategic thinking (There's a time and a place for everything.)

  3. Helps a participant create a single Master List. (This special list reduces the overwhelmed feeling, procrastination, improves planning & organizing, reduces stress, and improves communication.)

  4. Makes prioritization simple, easy, and accurate.

  5. Improves a participant's daily completion ratio (tasks started vs. actually completed)

  6. Reduces the number of meetings and emails needed

  7. Teaches participants to set-up the correct file system in Outlook so it effectively manages their in-box automatically.

  8. Shows participants how to organizing their writing so it takes less time to write and get faster responses.

  9. Shows participants how to manage "injects" so they don't overwhelm their day.

  10. How to improve the quality of their work/life balance. (How to leave work at work mentally or create mental seperation between work and home.)

We offer a four-hour Organizing for Success 3.0 Zoom program for only $100 per participant. This inludes the newest 2021 version of my book, Organizing for Success (McGraw-Hill), plus handouts.

If you want more time to enjoy life, be more successful, blend work and home more effectively, improve your daily & weekly results, and lower your stress, this program is for you!

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