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Unlocking Creativity & Innovation

Course Outcomes

As a result of attending this one-day workshop, participants will:

  • Understand how to manage “purposeful creativity” so that the creative process produces innovation that is faster and more engaging to the employees involved

  • Work on real world situations using the purpose, process and people skills required to foster a creative work environment where employee inclusion fosters innovation

  • Learn techniques to improve their creative thinking skills

  • Participate in a simulation in which they apply what they have learned to managing innovation in a fictitious company


Simply put, both individuals and teams operate well below their potential in the areas of creativity and innovation. Both are teachable skills and processes and this workshop uses both research conducted by consultants studying innovation and concepts from the field of neuroscience to explode the myths and misconceptions about these topics.

The workshop covers three major components:

  1. How managers can create an environment that fosters creativity and innovation

  2. Techniques to think more creatively

  3. Using a step-by-step process of purposeful creativity-idealization-incubation to understand the role managers and teams play in accelerating the process of innovation

Throughout the session, participant will work with real world situations and have the opportunity to rate and enhance their current practices against a research-based framework.  What makes the workshop highly unique is a practice simulation that is conducted in the final module.

The simulation is built around a fictitious company that is losing revenue and market share to their #2 competitor due to their ineptitude in fostering a culture where innovation flourishes.  The participants are challenged to accurately identify what the management team is doing that is short circuiting the process and develop remedies based on what was presented during the workshop.

At the conclusion, the action items are used to develop a plan to drive creativity & innovation in the client organization.

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