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Getting Things Done Using Influence

Course Overview

Influence is a powerful skill that can help you achieve your goals and drive change.  Influence is about guiding behavior and inspiring others. By mastering these skills, you’ll become more effective in achieving your goals and making a positive impact! Here are some key strategies to strengthen your ability to influence others:

  • The difference between authority and influence and the advantages of having influence

  • How to build and improve your personal power

  • How to become flexible and willing to adapt

  • How to build commitment and passions to your values

  • How to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise every chance you get

  • How to establish credibility and trust

  • How to use reciprocity

  • How to develop an influence strategy and approach

  • How to use negotiation to overcome resistance or conflicts

In this course


  • Master the Art of Influence

  • Build Rapport and Trust: Establish strong relationships with your team by showing genuine interest and empathy.

  • Be an Active Listener: Understand others’ perspectives and needs by actively listening and asking questions.

  • Commit to Your Team: Demonstrate loyalty and dedication to your team’s success.

  • Set an Excellent Example: Lead by modeling the behavior you expect from others

In life today, we constantly need to influence others to get our desired outcome. Influence is far more effective than using authority. This course uses application-based activities to improve your influencing skills.

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