Today, Leaders are drowning in a sea of meetings, emails, interruptions, reports, and short-term immediate demands. They find themselves working late or taking their work home at night which adversely affects their personal life and ultimately productivity.

This course shows leaders how to strategically and analytically allocate their time and energy so they can think ahead, improve their daily and weekly results, and develop his or her team. Participants learn how to take control of his or her day and lead by example. 

Organizing For Success 3.0

- Highly Effective Leadership -

This is the only course of its kind that also improves a leader’s:

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Ability to Influence

  • Ability to Coach and Mentor

  • Communication Skills

  • Analytical Decision-Making Skills & Strategic Thinking

  • Ability to be a Leader of Change

This program can be taught in half or full-day, Zoom or WebEx. This course is also “customized” to your company’s goals and desired outcomes.

Leaders learn how to more strategically manage a typical, chaotic day and week more effectively so there’s time to:

  • Focus on what matter’s most

  • Coach, mentor, train, and develop his or her direct reports

  • Manage interruptions more effectively

  • Manage and respond to email more effectively by utilizing Outlook more effectively and writing more effective emails)

  • Delegate (so it develops and empowers their direct reports)

  • Plan and implement projects (so they achieve the desired outcome by the given deadline)

  • Have a personal life

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