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Course Overview

This hands-on workshop is designed to ensure you receive the techniques necessary to effectively negotiate. This is a practical hands-on negotiation workshop that teaches participants how to identify their desired outcome, develop a plan for achieving that outcome, and develop a win-win strategy that achieves that desired outcome. Through participation and group activities participants will learn how to:



& Executing


Through Participation & Group Activities Will Learn How To:

  • The profile of a successful negotiator

  • The skills of an effective negotiator

  • Communicate with different styles to maximize their results

  • Plan a successful negotiation strategy

  • Develop a confident/assertive style

  • Persuade others

  • Use listening skills while negotiating

  • Understand the other party to achieve alternate solutions

  • Avoid negotiation traps – tactics that drive a negotiation apart

  • Close the deal

  • Practice and receive feedback on actual negotiation scenarios

  • Develop an Action Plan for improving their negotiation skills


  • Understand and apply the principles of strategic negotiation

  • Enhance your skills/confidence as an effective negotiator

  • Know when and when not to negotiate

  • The ability to persuade and influence others

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