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Developing Inspired Leadership


With over 50 years’ experience, we have developed a new customizable one-day course called, Developing Inspired Leadership. This cutting edge approach allows you to create a powerful, one-day program for supervisors, managers, or leaders by choosing four modules from the list below:

Each module is approximately 1-2 hours. Your can put together a one-day program based on the competencies you want to improve that will give participants what they would learn over a year, in one day. There are 1-2 application-based activities in each module. The evaluations are great, the improved skill set is immediately visible, and the cost is a fraction of what you spent last year.

For class sign up or more information feel free to either call us @ 1-800-835-6839 , fill in the contact fields below, or email directly at


  • Having Difficult Conversations that Improve Performance

  • Coaching to Improve and Empower

  • Creating a Workplace that Inspires Peak Performance

  • Getting Change Accepted and Embraced 

  • Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

  • Advanced Organizing for Leaders

  • Planning & Leading Effective Meetings

  • Delegation that Empowers and Develops Direct Reports

  • Moving from Worker to Manager or Supervisor

  • Managing Challenging Employees

  • Using Situational Leadership to Build a High Performance Team

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