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The Great Leadership Failure

People don't quit their job, they quit their boss.

Many leaders have been afraid up until this pandemic to allow team members to work from home, now they have no choice. A great leader should realize that it should be his or her goal to set-up those working from home, to be successful.

The failure starts with planning and communication. Planning & organizing is becoming one of the most promotable management skills. Why, just because someone is a manager, doesn’t mean that he or she is well organized.

Effectively planning and organizing your team (working at home) start with setting your team up for success. (Failure starts when this isn’t properly done.) Here are the necessary steps:

1. Make sure your team sets up his or her home office correctly

2. Communicate your expectations (i.e. work hours, daily/weekly goals, etc.)

3. Set-up communication technology and communication channels

4. Establish ground rules and communicate your expectations clearly

5. Create a positive climate of meaningful accountability by tracking results

6. Plan and facilitate consistent and effective virtual meetings

7. Set up a system of recognizing and rewarding remote team members

8. Encourage team members to communicate with each other

9. Build a culture of consistency, trust, and respect

10. Do what you say you’re going to do, when you said you’re going to do it

"This is your opportunity to grow as a leader! Build your team from the ground up. With trust comes influence and a loyal, engaged team."

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