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Ken Zeigler


After a successful 19-year career in Corporate America during which I participated in many training courses, I wanted to offer training that was application-based not theoretical. It also needed to be valued where the information learned could be applied immediately and the participate would see meaningful results. Much of the time I spent in training courses during my career was a waste of time.


So, when I founded Zeigler Training in July 1996 as a subsidiary of Zeigler & Sons, Inc. my vision was to create a company that offered customized training solutions that moved the needle for every participant. That when the class ended, they were excited to go back to work an apply what he or she took away from the class.

In 2002, I signed a book deal with McGraw-Hill for my book, Organizing for Success. It was not only published in English but also in six other languages. It has since become a worldwide bestseller.


When I teach or speak at meetings I use and share the experiences from my senior leadership roles at such companies as Pillsbury, Hughes, Quaker Oats, Merrill Lynch, and Morgan Stanley with a blend of humor to give each tip, tool, and idea a more real context.

What we write is tried and tested before taught in any of our classes as we guarantee results!

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In the Beginning

After starting Zeigler Training my first client was the Hertz Corporation in early 1997. I was commissioned to interview their managers at rental car locations around the world to write a customized time management program for them. They were working long hours, burning out, and very stressed. The first version was called, Time's on My Side.

At the time the Franklin Day Planner Program was the most popular for time management, especially their S-M-A-R-T goals. after talking to more than 50 Franklin clients I discovered the missing piece. It was the piece, how to get from where you are to where you want to be. A realistic and effective plan was missing for getting from Point A to Point B. Organizing for Success became the missing piece necessary for participants to achieve their goals.

I was the pioneer of six major concepts:

  1. Becoming more effective isn't about time management. It's that there's a time and a place for every activity, event, and requests. 

  2. The concept of the Master List for preventing your mind from becoming overwhelmed.

  3. The "Veggie Principle" A "veggie" is a task, project or activity that's good for your professional and personal life.

  4. Prioritization isn't about urgency vs. importance. It's about its deadline and the reason for the deadline.

  5. "Batching" - by batching similar tasks you have more discipline. The most popular example is to respond to email once every hour in a batch.

  6. Become the "Ringmaster" instead of the "Beast" - How to take control of your day. 

Today, many of those who have followed have adopted my concepts that I developed so 28 years ago. Thank you for the compliment!

Finally, our materials are updated each and every year because life and reality are constantly changing. Why schedule a class that uses outdated ideas, strategies, and learning?


Do you have any questions about what we offer or what we can do for you? Let's talk about a customized solution.


(800) 835-6839 toll-free or (704) 578-5045 cell (call or text)

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