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In today’s business world organizational change is a requirement for success. Organizational change is needed to address innovations, new technology, shifting customer demands, and other business critical issues. Planning, Empowering and Executing Successful Change will give you the tools to prepare yourself to communicate and engage your employees through change in the workplace.

Planning, Empowering, & Executing Successful Change

Planning, Empowering, and Executing Change offers a dynamic and highly interactive learning forum that gives leaders the tips, tools, and strategic thinking needed to crack the code of successful change management in a half-day format. According to our research these are the key areas that Leaders need to improve:

  • Developing a clear reason why the current state isn’t working.

  • The importance and ability to communicate that specifically

  • A well developed transition plan that includes communication and training

  • How they communicate their “vision” of what the future state looks like and why

  • Identify “change champions” to build support for the change

  • Implementation of their plan

  • Support of the transition process

  • Building a culture of change (using recognition is one way) so that the change sticks

Leaders learn that change is a process, (The Current State, Transition, and The Future State), then how communicate why something needs to change, he or her vision of what will make it better, and how build support (through their champions), and engage/involve people to act. Leaders learn what causes resistance and how to dramatically reduce it. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to make change stick: by organizing resources; managing people, business processes, performance and conflict; leading through culture; and developing political and organizational agility.

This course has three goals:

  1. To ensure that your plan is well thought out, planned, and communicated correctly

  2. To make the transition processes go as smoothly and minimize resistance

  3. To make sure that the change sticks (by building a changing culture)

Key Takeaways – You’ll Learn How to:

  • Create and define a clear scope for the change

  • Develop a clear vision for where you want to go

  • Make sure everyone understands why the change is necessary

  • Build the right team

  • Defining the scope of the project

  • Find “Champions” in the organization

  • Give all team members a sense of purpose in bringing the change to fruition

  • Generate passion for the change

  • Establish a common ground that all can agree on

  • Explain the future implications of the change

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is for both new and experienced managers who are leading change initiatives in their organizations, or for anyone who wants to learn more about the best practices in driving effective and sustainable change.

For class sign up or more information feel free to either call us @ 1-800-835-6839 , fill in the contact fields below, or email directly at


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