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In this age where employees want to work remotely, managers are challenged to manage and lead from a distance.

Effectively Building & Managing Remote Teams

Course Overview

Leaders are now faced with a new challenge due to this pandemic. Most are now working from home as well as their teams. Leaders often need to adjust his or her management style and approach.

How Is This Course Different

The number #1 reason managers struggle to manage contributors working from home is that the structure is flawed from the beginning, then not consistently maintained, and finally, the remote worker becomes disengaged. This program offers leaders a simple, proven way to establish a two-way structure that is engaging, motivational, and consistent.

This course is taught in a 1-3 hour webinar or micro-learning format. This course is proven to provide managers and supervisors the necessary practical skills to lead remote employees, virtual teams, and mobilized workforces like never before. Leaders will learn techniques and methods to effectively motivate, engage, develop, and manage virtual and remote teams with success.

Ken Zeigler, author of the best-seller Organizing for Success, and past leader of four Fortune 500 companies will be your instructor. After this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Build a culture of consistency, trust, and respect

  • Establish ground rules and communicate your expectations clearly

  • Create a positive climate with meaningful accountability

  • Track productivity/results and share the results

  • Set up a system of recognizing and rewarding remote team members

  • Use different forms of technology to support a virtual workplace

  • Plan and facilitate consistent and effective virtual meetings

As the number of employees working from home increases to over 80%, all leaders, from supervisors to executives need to learn new management strategies to keep these employees inspired, productive, and engaged. Not only that but shows leaders how to deal with their own working from home challenges.

This course offers research and experience-based content, as well as application-based team activities to develop strategies that will solve the real-world challenges faced by the workshop participants.

Course Objectives

  1. Increase the attendees awareness regarding the shifts in management style and practice needed to create an environment of inclusion and engagement when manage members of a remote team.

  2. Provide managers with guidance and instruction in building and sustaining an environment of accountability when managing a remote teams without undermining trust or creating a “hovering” management style.

  3. Guide managers through developing a strategy and plan to keep engagement high with  employees who are not co-located with their manager and colleagues.

  4. Provide managers with a management model for getting quality execution from non co-located employees.

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