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Working from home requires a higher level of emotional intelligence. Understanding self, others, and social interaction are more important than ever. Being aware of your emotions and understanding others are critical in today's challenging environment. 

This program focuses on application rather than theory, offers immediate skill improvement and stronger team work.


Ten Ways This Course Is Different:

  • This course focuses on application rather than theory. There are application-based activities in each module so participants get to apply what they learn before they go back to work.

  • This course starts with awareness (first self, then others) while other courses focus on information.

  • This course shows you how to positively direct your behavior to increase your influence with others.

  • This course shows you how to understand others’ behavior and motives using questions, listening, and generational differences.

  • This course shows you how to “slow down” so you are more in the moment which allows you to better manage your initial reaction to events.

  • How to use this skill to motivate others

  • How to improve your communication so you can gain a better understanding of what matters most to others and communicate your feelings or opinion in a positive way.

  • Helps improve your relationships with others. By better understanding yourself and others so you can more effectively connect with others and ultimately form a bond. 

  • This course is fun, engaging, and finishes with each participant developing an action plan for increasing his or her emotional intelligence.

  • This course costs far less than the competition, is taught by someone with strong experience, and the results are immediate and lasting.


The price is per participants.

Building Effective Emotional Intelligence - Four Hour Zoom Progam

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