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In this two-hour program you'll learn how to save time using Outllook to manage your email FOR YOU. If you feel like email is managing you and that it's taking up a lot of your day, this module is for you. In the module you'll learn:


  • Strategies for controlling email and developing the necessary discipline
  • How to develop a communication strategy
  • How to set-up the correct file system and keep your in-box clean
  • How to organize Outlook
  • How to use Rules to automatically file new messages
  • How to use the Rules Wizardto organize and control your in-box
  • How to use the Conversation Clean-Up feature to reduce clutter
  • How to use the Mailboc Clean-up feature
  • Why its so important to set aside time to learn more about Outlook and keep it Organized


This includes screen shots and how-to video that are easy to follow. The cost is per person.

Control and Manage Email Using Outlook More Effectively - Two Hour Zoom or Class

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