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1 - Develop a Customized Master List that Works for You


  • Why a Master List is the foundation of developing peak performance
  • How to create and use your Master List
  • How to determine what goes on your Master List
  • How to organize everything you need to track and prioritize
  • How to use your Master List to monitor direct reports’ performance (and yours)
  • Why your Master List should include your personal life
  • How to use One Note (electronically) to manage your tasks and appointments
  • How to use your Master List to develop continuous improvemen


2 - How to Develop a Plan that Increases Your Performance


  • How to make good performance decisions using Strategic Thought
  • How to best use your energy cycles and resources to improve your performance
  • The three keys to increasing your performance
  • How to choose your two “Veggies” and where to put them on your calendar
  • How to get develop discipline to manage email and get off to a fast start
  • Why some meetings need to move to the afternoon and which ones
  • Why and how “batching” accelerates performance (and discipline)
  • How to train others to “fish” for themselves to free up valuable time
  • How each day is different in your weekly plan and how to increase your weekly results


​​​​​​​3 - Managing Interruptions and Distractions to Improve Productivity


  • How to validate each interruption before you respond
  • How to defer certain interruptions and why
  • Strategies for preventing and limiting  interruptions
  • How to negotiate interruptions (under-promise/over-deliver)
  • Batch and prioritize your calls
  • Plan your call before you pick-up the phone
  • Keep the call focused
  • Exercise (Look at your Timekeeping Journal and identify ways you could manage interruptions more effectively)


4 – How to Ask the Right Questions When Prioritizing and How to Clearly Give Direct Reports Your Priorities


  • How to motivate others to give you what you need by when you need it
  • How to use a simple decision-making matrix to prioritize quickly
  • Learn a new faster way to prioritize as your day is changing
  • How to negotiate new requests so they fit into your day more efficiently
  • How to work on one task at a time so you get more completed each day
  • Exercise (Prioritizing your Master List)


5 - Utilizing Outlook to Manage and Control Email


  • Ways to control email and maintain discipline
  • Ways to batch responding to email so you can go faster
  • How to set-up files so your in-box isn’t your to-do list
  • How to use the tools in Outlook manage your email and attachments
  • How to use Rules to block or direct incoming messages
  • Rules for using email vs. the phone or a meeting
  • Team exercise (What can I do differently?)

6 - Organizing Your Writing So It Gets Things Done

  • How to use the subject line more effectively
  • The advantages of using numbers and bullets
  • How to use the PADD writing model to organize your thoughts

Organizing For Success 4.0 - Zoom or In-Person Program

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