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It's no secret that communications is the fastest way to improve productivity. Since electronic is the number one way we choose to communicate, improving the way you write email would save you time, misunderstandings, and questions. In this one-hour module, you'll learn to:


  • Understand your reader (or audience) before you begin typing
  • The questions to consider about your topic and reader
  • Understand how your reader prioritzes opening his or her email messages
  • Write using our P A D D writing model to organize your writing
  • Utilize your subject line to get your reader to open your message more quickly
  • Keep your first paragraph short and to the point
  • Use bullets and numbers rather than long paragraphs
  • How to close your email so your reader responds more quickly


This new approach will save you time in eaverything you write, improve your clarity, reduce grammar mistakes, and improve the speed in which you get responses!


The cost is per participant.

Maximize Your Writing to Get Faster and Better Results - Four-Hour Zoom Program

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