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Course Overview

According to research, problems in project management begin before the project starts. 87% of difficulties in project management exist because of flaws in the planning process. That is why participants start this course by learning how to effectively develop and use strategic thought to develop a strategic plan that will increase the probabilities the project will be completed in the correct time frame with the desired results.

Participants will bring actual projects into the class where they will apply the concepts they learn to strategically plan their project so when they complete the class they can begin implementing their project plan. Once they complete their project plan in the class each participant will work with a partner to make sure their plan is realistic, achievable, that there is room in their plan for change, interruptions, and unexpected difficulties.

Finally, participants will learn how and when to fit these projects into his/her already overwhelming daily/weekly calendar so the project takes less time, and quality is improved. This includes delegating tasks and tracking their completion. The result is that worst-case their project finishes on time and the best case is that it is completed before their deadline. Stress is dramatically reduced as a by-product of this strategic planning process.

Planning, Empowering, and Executing Successful Change - 3 Hours

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