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Prioritizing is becoming more and more difficult as every request or inject has a deadline of ASAP!  The number four reason for procrastination is that everything on your list has the same priority and we waste time trying to figure out what to work on next. When people are rushing, the more vague their communication will become.  This is a critical skill that is improved by including more specific information about every request, on your Master List.  In this module you'll learn:


  • Why it's so important to get specific deadlines
  • How to train others to be more specific when making requests
  • How to probe and find out why they think their requests is urgent
  • How to get comfortable asking others especially your boss for a specific deadline
  • How to probe and ask good questions
  • How to correctly determine the urgency and importance of each requests
  • How to reprioritize when priorities are constantly changing
  • How Human Nature affects the way we prioritize
  • How to manage others' expectations
  • How to correctly motivate others to do your priorities



Prioritizing And Giving Others Your Priorities with Confidence

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