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Believing you are in control leads to success in nearly every aspect of your life and not just at your work.  “The major difference between successful people and the unsuccessful is their ability to not get distracted.”  Studies show you get interrupted or distracted every 3 minutes 5 seconds and qthat it takes you 7 to 15 minutes to refocus once the interruption ends. Thus, you typcially lose 70 minutes to as much as 4 hours each day dealing with interruptions, injects, and distractions! Here is what you will learn in this video module:


  • How to develop and build your self-discipline
  • How to questions every ASAP or immediate request you receive
  • How to use deadlines to increase your focus
  • Why you need to keep and interruption log and how to use it
  • How to slow down and stop jumping from task to task
  • How to communicate your existing priorities and negotiate
  • The politically correct way to defer injects and interruptions
  • How under-promise then over-deliver on what you've deferred
  • How to train others to FISH


This includes an interruption log and track and control your interruptions.


Taking Control of Your Day and Week

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