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The "productivity guru" updates his renowned organizing and time-management book each year to help readers stay on top of their game in an increasingly changing work environment.


About the Book
Organizing for Success, Third Edition provides simple, remarkably effective time management technique to help reders get two extra productive hours out of every day. The book uses “The Master List” concept to show readers how to allocate their time and energy by the day, week, and month.


Readers will learn how to quickly prioritize their work (and requests), complete tasks on time and under budget, and even helps readers plan for the interruptions, urgent emails, and unexpected meetings that will inevitably attack their day. This new edition places heavier emphasis on technology (especially Outlook), including advice on how to write, manage and file email more effectively; how to energy and time available to streamline an ever-changing day; how to defer requests and fit better them into your day, and how to develop an ever-improving day and week using analytic thought.


Key Selling Features


  • Zeigler has been recognized as a leader in the time-management field since 1996; his books have sold over 1,5000,000 copies to date and is published in 7 languages.
  • He has speaken at more than 1,000 conferences and corporate meetings.
  • Companion website will include customizable, downloadable forms (including the Master List template and Productivity Improvement Checklist) that readers can print out or export into their pdas, iphones, and work computers
  • Zeigler's website gets about 1,000 hits a day; 
  • In the last year alone, he has appeared on the Neil Cavuto Show, on MoneyMatters, in the Chicago Tribune, and Martha Stewart's magazine.
  • He has over 400 corporate clients around the world.


Market / Audience
Business professionals and managers, readers of Getting Things Done


About the Author
Kenneth Zeigler (Charlotte, NC) has been recognized as an expert on the subject since developing a time management system for Hertz in 1996. He has been on the cover of Investor's Business Daily and has published numerous articles for such newspapers as The Washington Post, the NY Post, and the Charlotte Observer. Over the years he has advised over 400 clients such as USAA, Berkshire Hathaway, AT&T, CAT, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, The Federal Reserve, The Comptroller of the Currency, MetLife, Hormel, Cintas, DHL, Martha Stewart, and Fidelity Investments.

Organizing for Success 4.0 (Paperback)

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